Same Difference (same_difference) wrote,
Same Difference

A Good Weekend

I've had a really good weekend, probably nearly* the ideal weekend in many ways. It was that good mix of productive and social-able. It wasn't restful, but restful and productive then be either-ors I find. So it being a good weekend and with nothing else I particularly need to do right now (See aforementioned productiveness) I'd thought I'd actually get down to writing something for a change.

*could have done with a bit more Rachael, as she was away Friday evening and only back late Saturday.

Friday evening was somewhat sleepy, but I managed to do the remaining washing up, a little bit of ironing, a little bit of gaming and make a batch of bolognese.

Saturday I had through persistence/fortune managed to find a time where both Alex and Nat, and Steve and Cat were free and happy to come around for dinner. After waking up an a reasonable time, and a shortish (45mins or so) reading* in bed lie in, I got up got ready headed out to acquire some ingredients for curry, and got back shortly before 12. What followed was a quick meal and then my managing to do the following: Demildewed the tiles around the shower, hoovered the house, cleaned the cooker top, washed the kitchen, utilities and bathroom floors, tidied the lounge, and ironed about three loads of washing** and finished about 5 minutes before Cat and Steve turned up sometime after 7.

*Currently reading the collection of Pratchett short stories - I may have started with the Discworld ones
**While watching one of the Dara O'Briain DVDs.

Alex and Nat turned up a little later, and I prepared steak and spaghetti with a bit of bolognese (and I hadn't quite enough steak for 5). The steak and spaghetti involves making a sauce out of the leavings in the steak pan, a stock cube, some pepper and the starchy pasta water, and using it to coat and finish cooking the pasta. This was accompanied by one of the bottles of wine my grandad has made. Nat had also provided a simple but delicious Steve friendly apple desert. The food was tasty, the wine excellent, the steak (some rib eye from a local butcher) was gorgeous, and there was an evening full of good chatting, and a brief board game. The evening did that thing good evenings do where they suddenly turn out to be much later than people expected as time has whisked by in pleasant company, resulting in a bed time at about 1am.

Today involved waking up surprisingly early, considering the night before, and I was up at 8:30. After breakfasting and sorting out the washing up, started the process of making curry for the next evening, as it would be our turn to host the Monday night watching interest TV shows for our group of 9 (Well 8 as one is away tomorrow). Preparing the meat took longer than planned, and so I was still making curry when people turned up. Tomorrow is nert's birthday, and Joe had suggested a big meet up to celebrate and we offered to host to having the largest space, with the decent sized table for gaming in the same room. I ended up teaching Nikki how I make my curries (well how I make the curries the way my Dad taught me), and before too long we had 14 people chatting, playing games, and snacking on the collaborative efforts everyone had bought. It's very gratifying getting to host, and something very sastisfying at knowing that there's room here for big gatherings.

Now I get to collapse quietly and relax.
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